What Is HKUST's Acceptance Rate?

Overview of HKUST

One of the leading research universities in Asia, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is especially laced in Science, Technology and Business education. This elite university has been drawing applicants from all over the world since it was first set up in 1991, and has remained one of the best in the world ever since.

What is the Acceptance Rate at HKUST

The acceptance rate at HKUST is one of the main indicators of its selectivity, and therefore the competitive academic programs. This ranged from roughly 25% to 35% overall depending on the program and year. This rate puts it in the same realm as many other prestigious schools from around the world.

Determinants of Adoption

The acceptance factors in HKUST

Exceptional Academics: You need to have exceptional grades. The HKUST places considerable importance on the previous achievements of applicants and their ability to achieve in a very demanding environment.
Standard Tests — Nonnative-speakers: Nonlocals must take the SAT, ACT, or equivalent standard tests. You will also need a TOEFL or IELTS score to prove you are proficient in English (because the program's instruction language is English).
Extracurricular Activities: HKUST also takes into account any leadership roles, on-campus activities, or personal accomplishments that can contribute to a lively campus community.
Program-Specific Rates

Although this changes across departments and programs significantly, HKUST is still very selective. Business and Management as well as Engineering programs are especially competitive and typically have lower acceptance rates as a result of more applicants and the university being strong in those areas.

Admissions for International Students

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is dedicated to maintaining a varied student body. Since the university maintains active strategic initiatives to bring the best of the best international talents to the campus, its acceptance ratio of international students does not vary far from local student acceptance as it helps the university to create and sustain a global educational environment.

Graduate Programs

In grad school, it can be even more competitive, particularly at the PhD level due to the strong emphasis on fit in terms of research potential and advisor availability in grad student fields of study. These programs generally have very low acceptance rates because of the minor number of positions and lack of funding.


The school is positioned as a desirable and intense learning environment, and thus an acceptance rate of 16% is relatively low in comparison to ot…. Apprentices who want to become part of the HKUST should come ready, evident through their academic capacity to work and be well- rounded characters, ability and be enthusiastic in the different communities of the university.

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