Classic CanAm

MX-1 Restoration Project

Section 1:  Finding the bike

Mx1i.jpg (37381 bytes) MX-1's are hard to find so I was not too particular about the engine size.  After a few inquiries I located a 1973 MX-1 125 in Chandler Arizona.  My good friend Fred Brown had the bike amongst his vast CanAm collection.  It was about 80% complete and required total restoration.  Fred, himself, is an expert at doing motorcycle restorations and helped me out by throwing in an  extra frame (1974 MX-1), along with a tremendous amount of assorted spare parts from his "stash."  Fred also contributed a great deal of much needed technical assistance along the way.  Although I once owned a CanAm dealership and worked on these bikes daily, it's been many years since I've turned a wrench, and basically had no experience with the MX-1 series motorcycles.   Thanks to Fred, I probably saved myself a fortune on Bayer asprin during the project!

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