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Jimmy Ellis -- Team CanAm (1974 - 1977)
mr147.jpg (31954 bytes) Jimmy Ellis is a name synonymous to Team CanAm.  He signed with the factory in 1974 to ride the U.S. National motocross series and helped cinch the CanAm 1-2-3 sweep in their first year of competition.   For 3 years Jimmy graced CanAm with a number of podium finishes until he switched to Honda in 1978.  It would be rare to hear a conversation about CanAm's early years without a reference to Jimmy.  His superior riding skill and dazzling showmanship are legendary to motocross fans throughout the world..    

photos contributed by Paul Jasa

For those of us who appreciate the evolution of the CanAm motocrosser, we have Jimmy to thank for his contributions to research and development.  The combined efforts of Jim Ellis and Marty Tripes led to a number of improvements on subsequent models, which included experimenting with the single shock (dubbed "the Rubber bike").   The photo to the right shows Ellis riding a 1977 works bike.  You can see the similarity to the 1978 MX-4.

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mr149.JPG (40401 bytes) Fact Sheet:
DOB: 10/19/55
Birthplace: Middletown, CT USA 
Started Riding Age 9
Tuner: George Ellis
Current Residence:
Ringwood Victoria Australia

Current Career:
Jimmy occasionally races motocross, but has found a new passion for the NASCAR circuit. 

Jimmy Ellis Team CanAm Resume:
1974 125cc National MX #6
1974 250cc National MX #3
1975 250cc National MX #5
1975 250cc National SX #1
1976 250cc National MX #8
1976 250cc National SX #3
1977 250cc National MX #6
1977 250cc National SX #4

Jimmy Ellis the NASCAR Driver
If you're looking to sponsor a NASCAR driver here's your man! Jim is always interested in hearing from potential supporters.

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Photos courtesy of Calder Park Motorsport's page

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